PETREC is a COPPE / UFRJ spin-off technology-based company, which operates in the acquisition, processing and interpretation of geophysical data for the Oil & Gas and Mining sectors. The company has a multidisciplinary team consisting of geologists, geophysicists, engineers and other related areas. The founding partners have PhD degrees in geosciences and engineering and graduated from COPPE / UFRJ.

Company employees are geoscientists, with experience in geological and geophysical services (G&G), as well as petrophysics and R&D projects, since 2002. In the company's portfolio you will find major players from the Oil and Gas sector, both onshore like offshore.

Founded in 2013

Spin-off of COPPE/ UFRJ

Geoscientist Team

Specialist in the acquisition, processing and interpretation of geophysical and related data

Accredited by ANP as Data Acquisition Cia

Main Market: Oil & Gas

100% local technological content

We work mainly in the oil and gas industry, providing geophysical data acquisition, processing and interpretation services. We also provide a range of services in conventional and digital petrophysics. With the help of a ROCKLAB DIGITAL, a petrophysical data management software, we are able to integrate oil well information, such as data on cores, plugs, depth, and logging.

PETREC has 3 main areas: R&D / G&G / Petrophysics

In the Geology and Geophysics segment we have two main niches: onshore and offshore. For the onshore segment, we operate with the acquisition, processing and interpretation of geophysical and geochemical data. In this segment we support our clients in both mapping their reserves and supporting compliance with ANP's PEM (Minimum Exploratory Program). For the offshore segment, we operate in the processing and integrated interpretation of geophysical and geological data, aiming at the mapping of exploratory leads.

In Petrophysics, we operate in processing and interpreting data such as petrophysical analysis, splice, image profile processing, sedimentological and petrographic description, X-ray microtomography, etc. In addition, the ROCKLAB platform provides our customers with a foundation integrated data pool that brings together various types of petrophysical data such as core data, blades, plugs and side rock samples. In addition to a large set of well profiles.

R&D - PETREC is A COPPE / UFRJ spinoff company and as such has a multidisciplinary team with comprehensive knowledge in the areas of geophysics, engineering, and geology. Our members have master and PhD degrees from the best technology centers in Brazil. They are prepared to do research and create new methodologies to offer innovative solutions in the field of geophysics and geology (G&G) We also maintain a close relationship with UFRJ’s laboratories, through which solid partnerships have emerged.


Our biggest competitive advantage is our multidisciplinary team. Our employees have master and PhD degrees in various fields of knowledge, such as geology, geophysics, engineering, mathematics, and physics. Our professionals have considerable experience oil and gas operational and service providing companies.


In G&G, PETREC provides integrated geophysical data acquisition, processing and interpretation services, as well as exploratory block lead mapping. Also in G&G, PETREC has developed in-house a series of seismic attributes, which are used both to increase resolution in hard-to-imagine areas and to remove from the data all relevant information that may contribute to better characterization of the reservoir and decrease the exploratory risk.

In Petrophysics, PETREC provides processing and interpretation services for well profiling, petrography, high resolution core photographs and high definition tomography (HDT) scans of the market.

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Address: Rua Paulo Emídio Barbosa, 485, Room 106. Cidade Universitária - Ilha do Fundão - Rio de Janeiro - RJ CEP:21941-907
Email: contato@petrec.com.br
Whatsapp: +5521 99925-5684
Phone: +5521 3733-1816 / 3733-1817

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