High Performance Computing (HPC)

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Numerical simulation is an extraordinary tool in the hands of the scientists and engineers, which was possible by the exponential increase in the power of computers. Parallel machines of different architectures provide growing computational resources like CPU throughput, network availability, memory and I/O capabilities, which allow scientists to tackle large and large problems with finer and finer resolution. The numerical methods underlying the computational algorithms have experienced a considerable evolution as well. So, the key to achieving high performance covers numerical algorithms developed not only to solve the equations but also take better advantage of the power of the computers they run on. Based on the experienced computational development of Oil & Gas solutions, PETREC is able to treat the essential and advanced ingredients for achieving high performance in numerical computations on the most moderns multi-core and many-core computing architectures. ETREC is able to introduce HPC techniques from the simple to the complex. “We live in an exciting time in the use of high performance computing and a period that promises unmatched performance for those who can effectively utilize the systems for HPC.” (Jack Dongarra – Professor of Computer Science, University of Tennessee).