Seismic Modeling

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One of the most important tools used in oil and gas exploration is the seismic modeling. The seismic reflection is a geophysical technique that uses the propagation of compressional waves – similar to an earthquake – to achieve a geological structure profile. From the reflectors present in the seismic profile, it is possible to infer the nature and the structural characteristics of sedimentary layers. In other words, it is performed a mapping of the earth’s subsurface.



  • Two way wave equation
  • High order and optimized finite difference operators
  • Optimized computational grids
  • Optimized for high performance computing environment
  • Isotropic and Anisotropic (VTI & TTI), 2D and 3D solutions
  • Highly efficient absorbing boundaries (CPML)
  • High level I/O in order to store wave fields
  • Shot parallelization and domain decomposition high level techniques
  • Easily integrated with several seismic processing platforms.
  • Core of RTM and FWI solutions.