Land and Marine Seismic Processing

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PETREC is proud to have a great team of geophysicist with large experience in pre and post-stack seismic processing of marine and land acquisitions using the main commercial software.


We are also in the final phase of development of our own code for processing seismic data from OBC and OBN data:

  • Pre-processing: wave-field decomposition
    • Up-going
    • Down-going
  • Multicomponent processing:
    • 4C – PSPI
    • P & Vz – RTM





  • Quality Control of crooked lines acquisition with vibroseis and field processing;
  • QC in the acquisition and seismic processing;
  • Fast track processing;
  • WE velocity model building and conversion time/depth;
  • CRS shot gather reconstruction and regularization for improved prestack imaging;
  • AVO analysis and elastic inversion;
  • Special processing (RTM & FWI);
  • Seismic interpretation;
  • Joint processing and interpretation of magneto-telluric data.