Computational Petrophysics

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PETREC has developed the latest technology for the characterization of reservoir rocks, and the determination of various petrophysical properties. This technology consists of computational image analysis of rock obtained by X-ray tomography.


The rock samples imaging allows easier storage and distribution of image data and the three-dimensional models are compressed into optimized formats. The images and digital models ensure the integrity and preservation of the information of the rock samples, since they are not subjected to environmental conditions.


The workflow is based on scanning core samples on macro scale, obtaining information like:

  • Identification of structural rock model
  • Stratification and fracturing
  • Mineralogical Analysis
  • Development and Reconstruction of the logs


From core samples, plugs are extracted and imaged in micro scale. Through microtomography images, several petrophysical properties are determined:

  • Porosity (effective and total)
  • Absolute Permeability (x, y and z direction)
  • Electrical Parameters
  • Elastic Properties


There are also some laboratory tests for comparison and validation of the results obtained from computer simulations. The whole process is based on national technology, optimizing the runtime and operational costs.