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Strategic Rock Knowlegde for Decision Making 

ROCKLAB is a web-based solution that provides a fastest and easiest virtual access to rock samples. This platform brings together multiple forms of analysis, such as conventional and digital petrophysics, geological descriptions, petrography and geochemical data from the main Brazilian pre-salt reservoirs. All technical analysis are performed by recognized professionals from both top science institutions and the petroleum industry.

Pre-Salt – Rock Samples 

We are very proud to announce that we just received a pack of carbonates rocks from the Santos Basin, containing: 60 m of core samples, 30 thin sections and 50 plugs from six reservoirs located in the Lula, Sapinhoá, Búzios, Lapa, Libra and Sururu fields. These fields essentially form the main pre-salt oilfields of Santos Basin and now can be found in ROCKLAB portal.

Rocklab Modules

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